2024 Travel Bucket List

It is that time of the year – time to start planning your 2024 travel bucket list! 🌍

You may have already booked a ski resort in Europe or a winter escape, or you’re about to decide your summer destination.

Last year I travelled to 8 different places across 3 continents (Europe, Africa & Asia), so I will share with you pros & cons of each location, as well as a short overview of best things to do and places to stay.

I will start with Destination No. 8 and finish with my favourite one at the very end, so let’s get started with all these beautiful places you can visit in 2024! 😊

2024 Travel Bucket List

2024 Travel Bucket List

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Both towns are very close to London and therefore make a nice day trip!


They both have castles, small town centres and are really quiet and enjoyable to visit.

I preferred Dover over Guildford, especially its castle. It’s a Norman Castle that was built by King Henry II in the 12th century even though the construction began shortly after 1066 when William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings. Later, Dover was used as a fortress and it played a crucial role in evacuating hundreds of thousands of Allied troops from the beach of Dunkirk.

I even loved Dover Castle more than Windsor Castle because it is more authentic, it really felt like you’re stepping into medieval times.

And it’s on top of the hill, overlooking the English Channel – on a clear day you can even see France and for those with the brave heart, you can even swim from England to France 🤣🏊‍♀️

Find admission tickets and guides below.


Both Dover & Guildford are rather small, so there’s not much to do there. I also liked some other towns, like Bath (stay tuned for my upcoming blog about Bath!).

How to get there

To get to Dover you need to take a train from London St Pancras to Dover Priory.

To get to Guildford you need to take a train from London Waterloo.

Dover & Guildford

Dover & Guildford

Destination No. 7: Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺

Next up in the 2024 Travel Bucket List is Budapest, Hungary.

I visited Budapest in June last year and it was great for 2 reasons:

1. It was the end of June and the summer practically started, but it was still not too hot as Budapest can get in August and nowhere near cold as it’s during winter time.

2. This was the first trip where Slaven (my husband) and I took Sara, our niece, with us and it was so cute to see the world through a kid’s eyes. Travel parents, I totally get what you’re saying right now and how some ordinary things for us are totally exciting and interesting for kids! It was so good there that the 3 of us made a plan where to travel this year – stay tuned! She was not humble though! 🤣

Budapest, Hungary

Sara in Budapest, Budapest Parliament

How to get there

Most likely you will either fly from London Gatwick with WizzAir, or from London Stansted with Ryanair.

For the best prices, check here.

Where to stay

I stayed at the Emerald Downtown Luxury Suites and cannot recommend it more! 😍

Other great options:

Anantara New York Palace Budapest – where you’ll also find New York Cafe! 🤩

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest – stunning both from the inside and the outside 😍

Corinthia Budapest

Radisson Blu Béke Hotel

Hotel in Budapest

The view from Emerald Downtown Luxury Suites


Budapest is for a good reason named The Queen of Danube. It is absolutely stunning! 😍

There are many great things you can do in Budapest, and these are my favourite:

Fisherman’s Bastion for the best views

New York Cafe for the most beautiful cafe

Dohany Synagogue and St. Stephen’s Basilica for the most stunning interiors

I also highly recommend booking a Cruise Tour.


Last time I was in Budapest was back at University,  some 10 years ago (ouch!).

Despite being a student back then, I didn’t find it as expensive as it is now and reading all the comments about the last Christmas Market and prices that compete with London, I do believe it is no longer cheap to travel to Budapest. It’s definitely not as cheap as Prague or Krakow for example. Stay tuned for my Prague & Krakow Travel Blogs!

Destination No. 6: Madrid & Toledo, Spain 🇪🇸

Destination No. 6 in my 8 Top Travel Destinations 2024 to add to your bucket list is Madrid and Toledo (day trip).

We celebrated Slaven’s birthday in Madrid in early May 2023 and had a really great time! 🥳

Before going to Madrid, I was curious to see if I would like it more than Barcelona which was my favourite city in Europe. And I know people usually like one more over the other.

While I really enjoyed Madrid and found it so beautiful, my heart still belongs to Barcelona because it is more unique. 💖

But Madrid is awesome too!

Madrid, Spain

How to get there

From London you will find the best flight options from London Gatwick and London Stansted. For the best prices, check here.

Where to stay

I stayed at the Principe Pio and LOVED IT! 😍

Facing Madrid’s Royal Palace and Sabatini Gardens, the hotel is located just off Madrid’s Plaza de España Square.

Principe Pio Hotel, Madrid

The view from our room at Principe Pio 😍

Other great hotels:

Pestana CR7 Gran Vía Madrid – a partnership between Cristiano Ronaldo and Pestana Hotel Group

Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel

Palacio de los Duques Gran Meliá – for those seeking ultimate luxury 🤩

Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid

Day Trip to Toledo

Ah, Toledo! 🩷

Ex-capital of Spain is often overlooked by Madrid. And what a shame!

If there is a one day trip you have to do from Madrid, it has to be Toledo!

The City of Three Cultures is 2000 years old and has had a turbulent and rich history. From Ancient Romans, Visigoths, Emirate of Cordoba to finally becoming a Christian Kingdom in the 16th century. With that, Islam, Judaism and Christianity all shaped Toledo and you’ll notice it as soon as you enter the city.

How to get there

The best is to take a train from Madrid Atocha Train Station to Toledo.

Buy your tickets in advance, they sell out quickly! I didn’t do it, thinking how I could do that on the spot and boy, what a terrible mistake! I almost ended up not going because if I wasn’t able to get tickets for 2 pm (instead of 10 am when I actually wanted to go), I would not have gone because the next available tickets were after 4 pm! And obviously you need AT LEAST half a day to properly explore!

To save yourself some hustle, you can also book a guided tour with GetYourGuide.

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, I mean, look how beautiful 😍


There are so many cool museums you can visit (Picasso’s Guernica is there at the Reina Sofia museum!). Definitely check out the Prado museum too!

Reina Sofia Tickets

Prado Museum Tickets

Royal Palace in Madrid is my all time favourite palace, I find it even more beautiful than Versailles! Don’t miss to see it! Buy your tickets here.

While Flamenco origin is not from Madrid, but from Andalusia, you will still find so many great Flamenco shows in Madrid because it’s the capital and cultural centre of Spain! I finally watched Flamenco in Madrid, and it was one of the best travel experiences last year! 🥹

I went to Las Tablas and cannot recommend it more – great and moving show is GUARANTEED! 🫶

Oh, and the park – let’s just say Retiro Park is more beautiful than Hyde Park in London & Central Park in NY! 💚

It is also very budget friendly for a capital city!

Many great day trips options – such as Toledo. 🫶

Retiro Park, Madrid

Retiro Park, buy your guided tickets & fun activities here


It can get very hot during summer, I was in May and it was already 30 degrees C!

What annoyed me the most is that you can’t take photos in museums. Guess who was naughty and did it anyway? 🤭

Train tickets for Toledo get easily sold out!

As you can see, it is very hard to come up with cons for Madrid and Toledo, therefore if you weren’t there already, plan that trip for 2024! 🥰

Read my Madrid Travel Guide for more detailed itinerary.

Destination No. 5: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Last Easter I travelled to Amsterdam and trust me when I say that April is THE BEST MONTH to visit the Netherlands! 


Because it’s a TULIP SEASON! 🌷

Visiting Netherlands during the tulip season was always at the top of my travel bucket list and I was so happy when I finally crossed it from my list 🥰

I spent 4 days in the Netherlands. I was staying in Amsterdam and this was my itinerary:

  • Day 1: Amsterdam
  • Day 2: Amsterdam
  • Day 3: Lisse region (tulip fields)
  • Day 4: The Hague 
Netherlands, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Netherlands, 2024 Travel Bucket List

How to get there

There are 2 options on how to reach Amsterdam from London.

Option A: Best flights are from London Gatwick with EasyJet.

Option B: Take a Eurostar train from London St. Pancras International.

Where to stay

If there is one advice I can give you for Amsterdam, that would be: book your hotel way IN ADVANCE!!

Hotels in Amsterdam are insanely expensive! And closer to your date, the prices will just be up and up and up.

I was paying a night £250 more than I did in Manhattan (£200 a night)!! 🤯

And that was one of the cheapest hotels I could find that are in the city centre, easy to get to, beautiful, clean and comfortable.

I stayed in the Bilderberg Garden Hotel – it was 15 min walk from Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum, and some 25 min walk from the main city centre.

The area was very nice, residential. It was so peaceful that we even heard birds song in the morning. 🥰

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Other great options:

Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam – the best and most luxurious hotel in Amsterdam

Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside


Firstly, Amsterdam is in my Top 3 EU Cities, it is THAT beautiful! 😍

But in general, it is such a beautiful country with laid back vibe, nice people, so clean, with great food, amazing museums, beautiful nature and stunning tulip fields.

Museums to visit:

Rijksmuseum – for the ultimate Rembrandt, Vermeer and Dutch Art experience. You will find international works of art too.

Moco Museum – for the best immersive experience.

Van Gogh Museum – unfortunately these sell out too quickly, so I missed seeing them. Buy way in advance! See some options below.

Some tours for your tulip experience:

Read more about the tulip fields near Amsterdam in my blog post.

The Hague

I specifically wanted to visit The Hague because of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

You can easily get there from Amsterdam Centraal train station.

Find your tickets for Mauritshuis Museum and some guided tours below.

The Hague, Netherlands

Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Hague, Netherlands


As I mentioned, Amsterdam is really expensive! Especially hotels. Food and drinks were similar to London prices, maybe slightly cheaper, but you need to plan this trip ahead of time, especially if travelling on a budget.

Watch out for those crazy bikers! 🚴‍♂️ I can’t even count how many times they almost run on me, so be mindful of them and watch your steps! 😅

Unfortunately Amsterdam is popular for its RLD and legalised marijuana and it’s sometimes the main and only reason why people come to visit this beautiful city! I visited RLD during the day and it was okay, hipster-ish, but I know it might be uncomfortable if you’re there during night. I also didn’t want to try coffee shops there, so if this is on your itinerary, please be reasonable and do it only in specialised shops.

Crowds – especially during the tulip season! Also, why tickets for museums get sold out quickly. Again, plan ahead and book them asap!

Destination No. 4: Sicily, Italy 🇮🇹

Ah, Sicily! A place so special that I can write a trillion blogs only about it (they are coming soon!). 🫶

And if I ever write the ultimate bucket list blog, Sicily will be on there!

This one was really tough! I was really thinking a lot whether I enjoyed a tiny bit more of a Destination No. 3 (you can see it below Sicily) or Sicily because they are both wonderful locations! And Sicily is really a hidden gem of Italy! I still can’t believe it is not that crowded, not even in the middle of summer! 🤯

I fell in love with Ragusa (my fav Italian town so far!), Sicilian culture, food, beaches. And Etna – well, it’s a whole other blog!

I spent 10 days in Sicily in August last year and did a road trip around the island.

Sicily, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Sicily, 2024 Travel Bucket List

How to get there

Depending on your itinerary, the best is to either fly to Catania or Palermo.

If you’re doing the same road trip like I did, then buy return tickets to Catania. Find the best options here. Best options are with EasyJet or WizzAir from London Gatwick.

Once there, rent a car with AutoEurope.

Where to stay

Okay, so this is a bit tricky and would largely depend on whether you rented a car or you’re dependent on public transport.

Again, the best way to see the island is to do a road trip. Also because you don’t get to stay in towns which are busy, with tiny rooms and with people waking you up at 5 am because hey, that’s when the local markets are about to open! 😅

On a 10 day road trip around Sicily, you will be based in 3 different parts of the island – logistically the best strategy because of the places you will visit during this road trip (don’t worry, my detailed blog is coming soon, but hit me up with questions if you have them for now!).

Area 1: somewhere between Catania, Taormina & Etna

Casa A’Ispenza – my favourite apartment on this road trip

Area 2: between Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica & Noto

Southeast Hotel – a bit remote, peaceful and quiet

Area 3: around Palermo

A casa di Simona – great balcony, overlooking Palermo

Other great hotel ideas for you:

San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel – for the ultimate luxury

Caportigia Boutique Hotel – in Syracuse

Hotel Villa Belvedere – in Taormina

Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes – in Palermo

San Giorgio Palace Hotel Ragusa Ibla – in Ragusa, my favourite place in Sicily

Stacci Rural Resort – near Modica


Sicily has stunning towns, amazing white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and wonderful nature!

The food is also the best food you’ll have in Italy, and is super cheap!

No crowds – guys, I couldn’t believe how little to no crowds I experienced in most places! 😱

Apart from Taormina, most places were so enjoyable because there were no million people next to you!

Find some of the best activities Sicily can offer below.


Not so many people speak English, so it would be good to learn some basic Italian words!

A lot of sights and restaurants will be closed for siesta. It’s usually between 2 pm and 5 pm, so plan your activities accordingly! 😅

If you don’t drive, it might be challenging to move around the island. The best is to find day tours and transportation via GetYourGuide.

It can get really hot during summer. Always have:

SPF sun cream

Bucket Hat

Summer Scarf

Ray-ban Sunglasses

Water Bottle

If Sicily is not on your 2024 travel bucket list, you are making a big mistake! It is just a matter of time Sicily becomes another Amalfi Coast or Capri and it gets flooded with tourists and prices go up.

Trust me, it is happening.

Sicily, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Agrigento, Sicily

Destination No. 3: Lake Como & Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

So, as I said, it was very difficult to decide between Sicily and Lake Como/Milan, but my heart belongs a little bit more to this beautiful North Region of Italy 🥰


2 reasons actually.

1) We just had our 7th wedding anniversary and it felt a little bit like we were on a 2nd honeymoon. Maybe also because our honeymoon was in Italy and the first stop was Milan, so being back to Milan brought back so many nice memories. 🥹

2) I didn’t speak about this before, but May 2023 was one of the most challenging months for me. I was unemployed for 2 months already, there were no new jobs on the horizon and my future seemed a little bit uncertain. At times it felt like everything I built before started to fall apart. And I started having anxiety attacks. They stopped in Lake Como – fresh air, lake, mountains, beautiful nature and wonderful towns and villas just brought back peace to my soul and I started to breathe again. ❤️

But aside from my personal bias, let’s objectively discuss pros & cons of visiting Lake Como/Milan! 😁

How to get there

To reach Lake Como, you have to fly to Milan. If you’re renting a car (like I did obviously 😂), you should aim to fly to Milan Bergamo because it’ll be a shorter drive from Bergamo to reach Lake Como.

If you are dependent on public transport, then you can fly to both Milan Bergamo and Milan Malpensa. Check the best flights here.

Rent your car below.

Where to stay

Similar to Amsterdam, Lake Como is a very popular destination and because it’s a small area, hotels get booked up pretty quickly. So you have to book your stay as soon as you know you’ll be heading there, especially if you want to stay in all these bucket list hotels.

Guess who again didn’t book an apartment soon enough? 🤣

But fear not, I have a great suggestion for you that is both budget-friendly and very cozy with unbeatable views.

I stayed in View House – Lake Como – cannot recommend it more!

The views were stunning, our host was very nice and it was only £211 for 2 nights!

Lake Como, Italy 2024 Travel Bucket List

Look at these views from our apartment 🤩

Other great hotels:

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – for those seeking ultimate luxury stay in Lake Como 😍

Hilton Lake Como

Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Hotel Belvedere – also one of the most famous hotels in Lake Como, but not as expensive as Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Villa Varenna – affordable luxury


Not only will you breathe the fresh air and experience a lot of natural beauty, but also you will get to visit wonderful towns and villas. And wherever you look, you will find amazing views. 🩷

Make sure to check these villas:

  • Villa del Balbianello – book those tickets way in advance, at least 2 weeks before! If you want to see the gardens and the villa, then at least 1 month before!

Book your tickets/tours below.

Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

My favourite photo from Lake Como 🥰


Compared to Sicily, it is more expensive – from food, drinks, tickets to hotels.

Very popular tourist destination, which is why a lot of hotels in main towns get easily booked months in advance!

Same goes for Villa del Balbianello – you NEED to book your tickets way before if you’re dying to see it! And trust me, it is WORTH IT.

Another similarity to Sicily is that while a little bit easier to move around without a car, it would still be great if you could rent one. Especially if you are not staying in Bellagio or Varenna.

Milan – Day Trip

While a lot of people come to Milan, stay there for 2-3 nights and visit Lake Como as a day trip from Milan, I did quite the opposite. And I cannot highlight enough that 1 day in Lake Como is simply not enough!

As I mentioned in my intro, I have been to Milan previously on our honeymoon, so that’s why I have planned only a few hours there before my afternoon flight back to London.

I will write a blog on Milan soon, so for now, the pros & cons are pretty much the same as for Lake Como.

To reach Milan from Lake Como (if not driving) is via train from Como Town.

If there’s one thing to do in Milan if you have only a few hours, that is to visit Milan Cathedral. For me, that is the world’s most beautiful cathedral, in like EVER! 😍

And once you visit the cathedral, reward yourself with an aperol from Terrazza Aperol. Kindly note that to be seated next to the cathedral, you have to have food with drinks. Otherwise you’d end up in the middle or at the back of the terrace. You can’t reserve a table, it’s on a first come-first served basis. Best is to come as soon as they open. Check Google for the most accurate opening times.

Milan, Italy, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Milan, Italy, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Destination No. 2: Morocco 🇲🇦

Second place on this travel list goes to Morocco.

Morocco is that country where you can go back over and over again.

I was there for 7 days in October 2023 and while it was nowhere near enough, I was still able to visit a lot of places during that 1 week and tick off many things from my bucket list. ❤️

If you’re from the UK/Europe and want to go somewhere exotic without flying 10+ hours and breaking a bank, Morocco is a perfect destination for it!

Just a 3h flight from London transports you into a completely different culture with landscapes that will take your breath away.

How to get there

From London you can fly to Morocco from multiple airports (London Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton & Stansted) and into different cities (Marrakech, Tangier, Agadir, Fes etc.). 

Usually you’ll find the best flights from London Stansted with Ryanair. The return flight will be from Marrakech to Gatwick. For the best prices, check here

I rented a car via AutoEurope. I picked it up in Tangier and left it in Marrakech. This will add additional £50 to your rental quote.

If a road trip is not your kind of trip, you can also use GetYourGuide for transfers and tours in Morocco. 

Morocco, 2024 Travel Bucket List

Morocco, 2024 Travel Bucket List – look at this sky 🥹

Where to stay

Hôtel Rembrandt – good place to stay, but it is next to a club, so 😅

Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier

Dar Zambra – traditional house in Chefchaouen, I stayed there

Dar Jasmine – Chefchaouen

Riad Rcif – in Fes, you’ll stay in a 13th century palace, how awesome! 🤩

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace

Merzouga Luxury Camp – I stayed there and cannot recommend it more 😍

Sunrise Palace Merzouga – another great option, especially if you’re seeking swimming pool

Kasbah Isfoula – Ait Ben Haddou, highly recommend (read my 1 Week in Morocco Itinerary to find out an interesting story about our hosts! 😁)

Riad Tamdakhte – Ait Ben Haddou

Riad Be Marrakech – the most popular Riad in Marrakech, book way in advance

Les Jardins De La Médina


Morocco is the cheapest destination I’ve been to so far!

The architecture is really wonderful, and not to mention the landscapes! 😍

The food is great and so cheap! And hotels… Morocco is a definition of affordable luxury!

Morocco has the world’s cutest & friendliest cats! 😻

It’s very easy to drive, which makes it a perfect road-trip friendly destination!

Morocco Cats

My little buddy 😻

The best activity in Morocco is visiting the Sahara Desert and staying in a luxury camp in the middle of the Sahara Sand Dunes.

Find the best tour below.


Be aware of scammy people, especially in Fes!

How it would work: practically they would target tourists and they would tell you that the way you’re going to is closed and would offer to help you find your destination. Which in most cases is not true, you would be on the right path, it’s just their little trick to scam you and charge you for “helping you out”!

Water is not for drinking and brushing teeth. Some places won’t have toilet papers, so bring tissues always!

Same as with Sicily and Lake Como, it’d be more difficult to move around if you don’t rent a car. If you don’t drive, check GetYourGuide for tours and transfers.

Dealing with poverty can be hard sometimes. When we were making a stop for lunch on our way from Merzouga to Ait Ben Haddou, we spotted a bunch of school kids hanging out next to our car. Slaven went to buy them a bag full of candies and sweets and it made their day. The whole bag of candies cost €3. Knowing that most of their parents can’t afford that much for them, made me really sad. Later the next day a boy age 10 was selling tissues on the main square in Marrakech while writing his homework. 🥺 Of course I had to buy some! 🥹


They were so cute 🥹

But all in all, Morocco is a wonderful country. 🩷 Make sure to add to your 2024 Travel Bucket List.

Destination No. 1: India 🇮🇳

India… Where to even begin? I feel like I could write a book about it.

Such a beautiful, diverse, hectic country.

The most challenging travel destination I have been to so far. Regardless, I would go back in a heartbeat. ❤️

In 2 weeks we visited so many beautiful sights, including Taj Mahal (UNESCO World Heritage Site & a World Wonder), saw our friends getting married, befriended Nena (a lifetime experience) 🐘, met so many nice locals, had our heart broken so many times with the poverty and harsh life conditions, tried to stay away from monkeys 🙈 and stayed in the best hotels ever.

I put it for a reason as my number 1 destination. If there’s one destination you should add to your 2024 Travel Bucket List, it is India.

India, 2024 Travel Bucket List

India, 2024 Travel Bucket List

How to get there

From London you will find direct flights to Mumbai and Delhi easily. I was flying with Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow to Mumbai, and had my returning flight from Delhi to London. Both were around 10h long and I found flying with Virgin Atlantic pretty comfortable even when flying Economy like I did! The seats are comfortable, there’s enough leg-room and you get to eat and drink a lot! 😅 Usually direct flight tickets for this kind of route are around £700 pp, but you can also find cheaper options with layovers. For the best prices check here

Once in India, follow this route:

✈️ Mumbai – Udaipur

✈️ Udaipur – Jaipur

🚕 Jaipur – Agra

🚕 Agra – Delhi

Where to stay

Taj Mahal Palace – in Mumbai, the best hotel I have ever stayed at 🤩

Shiv Niwas Palace by HRH Group of Hotels – Udaipur, you’d be staying in a palace! 🤩

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Hotel – Udaipur, for even more luxurious stay

Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel – in Jaipur, so unique, highly recommend

The Leela Palace Jaipur – for those seeking luxury

Taj Hotel & Convention Centre– they have a great view of Taj Mahal from their pool area 😍

The Oberoi Amarvilas– just 600 m from Taj Mahal, practically you’re in its courtyard more or less 😍

Crowne Plaza New Delhi Okhla, an IHG Hotel – cannot recommend it more!

The Oberoi New Delhi – pricey, but gets most recommendations online and looks absolutely stunning 😍

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai


Has some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see! Needless to say that you’ll find Taj Mahal there, one of the 7 New World Wonders. 😍

You will get to experience many different beautiful things and create lifelong memories.

The most beautiful experience I have had and that I cannot recommend more to you guys is to visit an Elephant Sanctuary.

You will meet a bunch of friendly locals and take thousands of selfies with them. 🤣

And you’ll get to stay in the most beautiful and affordable luxury hotels. 😍

Taj Mahal, Agra

Find your Taj Mahal guided tour here.


Similar to Morocco, at times it would be difficult to cope with poverty. It’ll be even harder in India than in Morocco as you’ll often pass many slums, see beggars on the street, barefoot children and stray dogs in a very poor condition. 🥺

On top of that it will be very dirty. Mind where you walk as there’s open sewage on the streets. 🤢

It’ll be very, very, very chaotic! And to be totally fair, I didn’t mind India’s chaos, but I appreciate not everyone is like me and it could be a little bit too much.

It’s very easy to get sick if you’re not careful. Refer to mine 5 Essential Tips for Surviving India blog post to help you prepare for your trip to India.

And lastly, there’s a thing with India – you’d either love it or hate it. If you’ve never been outside Europe/US, it might not be best to start with India, it can be a little bit too overwhelming. It’s a country for more experienced travellers.

But either way, it’s definitely a country one has to visit at least once in a lifetime, it’s a subcontinent for a reason ❤️

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

And there you go, here are 8 bucket list ideas for you to add to your 2024 Travel Bucket List! 🙂

Tell me, which one would you be visiting from this list in 2024?

Leave me a comment below!

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